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i was texting yvonne today to tell her i wanted to shave my eyebrows off... and she told me my friend shelly works with her now...i havent spoken to shelly since the otep show and ive been worried she got back on drugs so i wanted to go up and talk to her and get to see yvonne so it would be awesome on both sides. i asked ani for 20 bux and her gps and she asked why and i said im going to see yvonne... i dont know why i suddenly felt ashamed i was going to visit shelly because i knew ani would feel jealous...but hiding it is worse so after i plugged the add. into the gps i texted ani to say i was sorry for omitting it but shelly worked there too... and it all went down hill from there... shes still upset, and i understand it was wrong of me not to tell her in the first place, but most of the reason shes upset is as she said ...shes insecure... i wish she could get that i dont want shelly, and i got that out of my system. i want ani. i want her in my life, for the rest of my life...but thats so intense...maybe someday ill tell her.
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