xtorn_fleshx (xtorn_fleshx) wrote,

ewwww roaches are nasty

"the pain helps, the pain makes the hunger go away..."
there is no pain to release me from my current psychosis...inevitabity eats at my mind

some how i sit semi-still in discomfort and my brain works through its oddity at a fast pace.

none of my words sound correct...
and they make me feel so awkward

developing a habit... twitch of the eyes like compulsive blinking...strange need to move my fingers... shake... purely mental panic attacks... xmostly at night. obsessive compulsive thoughts that make me uncomfortable with things that seem misplaced like parking spaces, trouble breathing properly, parinoia. i dont have much fear of death so when my body feels like its "dying" i dont really freak out about it... i think it helps but not mentally. im so fragmented. sentence structure...uh...there was a roach crawling on my computer? i put it in a box and slipped a paper under brought it outside and dropped it off the balcony..they are almost impossible to kill without poison. i worry that where there is one there are many. ...fuck.
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